About Us

Get the best out of a smart, functional and economical internet telephony solution.

We have been providing complete IT solutions for small to medium businesses since 1998. As a small company ourselves, we identify with the challenges facing a SME, which is why we've designed three tailored packages to suit your business.

Since business-class VoIP became viable in around 2005, VoIP4Work have been leading the way in providing businesses with a more flexible, more functional and less expensive Telephony system.

As a Cisco registered partner, we provide 'best-in-class' products and are affirmed experts in Cisco technology. Find out more about how VoIP4Work can revolutionise your business communications.

VoIP4Work recognise the importance of effective telecommunications and our packages help you to work smart.

Click below to discover how you will benefit from a VoIP4Work telephony system. Your communications could be smarter and more affordable in less than 24 hours!