Corporate Address Book

Save time, manage your contacts centrally across your phones, email and more...


The Central Address Book (CAB) is a company-wide address book and telephone list, wholly managed by you the customer using a secure username and password via a web portal, enabling VoIP4Work supplied telephone handsets and LDAP-configured email clients to search for contacts in a common directory, shared by and accessible to everyone in your company.


At present, VoIP4Work are the only UK VoIP provider offering a securely-hosted, customer-controlled, remotely-accessible directory service. We've been asked often enough to make it clear that CAB is something you want and need. CAB is being offered for free to existing VoIP4Work customers and as a subscription service to customers of other VoIP providers.

Most telephone handsets have a limit to the number of entries that the built-in directory can hold. It is both tedious and time-consuming to enter these same entries into each and every telephone handset manually. Applications exist to upload the directory from a prepared file but these are frequently specific to both the telephone handset in use and the current firmware version installed.


CAB is hosted on our secure server in a data centre with 24/7 on-site support. You will be able to update your directory by simply logging onto a web page. The revised information is then automatically visible in all VoIP4Work-supplied telephone handsets in your company, regardless of where they may be sited, as well as all LDAP-configured mail clients.

It doesn't matter whether your telephone handsets are on the same floor, in the same building or scattered to the four winds; they will still be able to use CAB and benefit from the one list, updated centrally by you.


Telephone handsets supplied by VoIP4Work will automatically be enabled for this service, picking up the revised configuration from our central server. By logging into the web based control panel with the supplied username and password, you can then add, edit, delete and upload entries in CAB which will immediately be available in your VoIP4Work-supplied telephone handsets under Directory > Shared Directory.

Similarly, where email clients such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird are set-up to use our CAB, your staff will also be able to pull email addresses from this company-wide directory, saving them time and mistakes. As a result of using your specific username and password, you will have access to your data, the whole of your data and only your data.

How much?

As an existing VoIP4Work customer, the first 50 entries in your CAB are free. Thereafter, each additional block of 100 entries is just £2.00 per month.  The charge will simply be added to your existing regular invoice. Alternatively, you can have it for free if you successfully refer another company to VoIP4Work who then subscribes to our VoIP service!

CAB is not limited to just VoIP4Work customers. Those who chose to subscribe to another VoIP provider's service can still enjoy CAB. The first 150 entries are £2.50 per month and each additional 100 entries is the same £2.00 per month extra. You will need to configure the connection on their telephone handsets yourself, using the settings we supply, or have your provider do it for you.

What next?

To sign up to this service, simply call VoIP4Work on 020 3358 3358 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - It really couldn't be any easier!