Using the handset
Attended Transfer

If during a call you want to transfer the call to someone else's extension, but first want to talk to them to let them know about the call.

Unattended Transfer

During a call, you can transfer a third party to another extension.

Call Waiting (Linksys SPA phones)

By default the Linksys SPA range of handsets have call waiting enabled, this means if you are on a call and a new call comes in you will have a chance to put the current call on hold (or terminate it) and pick up the second incoming call. To disable/enable this feature use the feature as below.

Type in the star code below and hit dial:

*56 Enable call waiting on all calls
*57 Disable call waiting on all calls

Placing a Call on Hold

During the course of a call, simply press the hold button to put the active call on hold.

International Dialing
When calling abroad you must dial "00" not "+" before the country code
Conference Calls

You can set up a three way conference call direct from your handset, whilst in the middle of a call.

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