When you're responsible for managing a large team of five or more employees, keeping in contact with them can be difficult.

Regular staff communication is essential, but whether your employees are in one central office or on multiple national sites, at home, or abroad, the call costs soon add up.

Sales calls to and from the office will also make up a large percentage of your telephone bill, so it makes sense to evaluate the cost of your communications.

With a hosted internet telephony system (VoIP) from VoIP4Work, you could be working smarter, whilst making considerable savings.

VoIP4Work's internet telephone systems are flexible, customisable and have powerful reporting tools...

  • calls to other VoIP phones are free
  • fully functional PBX telephone switchboard
  • choose either a local or 0870/0845 number
  • one or more lines, with multiple extensions
  • never miss a call: 'hunt' groups divert unanswered calls to the next available number
  • have your business line and your mobile ring simultaneously
  • seamlessly move premises with no reconnection fees, no redirects, no programming and no hassle.

More benefits of a VoIP4Work hosted telephony system.

Discover the excellent call savings you could be making.